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August 16, 2012

It’s the dead middle of August, as hot as ever, and I can’t stop daydreaming about a black-and-white movie-style European vacation. Tonight, 6-9 pm, we’ll help ya cool off with a tasting of two incredibly refreshing Italian whites, with a cheese from ED! Fantasies of cool breezes on the Italian Riviera won’t seem far away…

Casa D’Ambra Ischia Bianco 2011

Hailing from ancient vines grown on a small, beautiful volcanic island off the coast of Naples, Casa D’Ambra’s Ischia Bianco is the perfect seaside white. Thanks to mineral deposits on the volcanic rock in which the vineyards are carved, it’s super-dry, extremely minerally, and a touch briny, in the very best way. An excellent choice for oysters, clams, and fish, the fresher the better. $17

Kaltern Caldaro Alto Bianco 2011

"This is like summer in a bottle!" Lily exclaimed when we first tasted this Northern Italian blend a few months back. It’s got a zingy citrus quality perfectly balanced with some softer fruit and beautiful aromatics. It’s the type of wine that goes with anything, and we love it more every time we drink it. I have a feeling we’ll be cranking the heat in December and sipping this to remember warmer days. $16