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April 11, 2013

Italian Reds… Naturally!

Kick off your weekend at Dandy’s weekly tasting! Join us tonight, 6-9 pm, for a sampling of three out-of-this-world all-natural Italian reds from our friends at Critical Mass Selections, alongside cheese from Eastern District!

Croci Gutturnio Frizzante 2010

At a recent dinner party, Lily and I had an eye-opening food- pairing with this super-dry and naturally frizzante Barbera-Bonarda blend. Someone brought salted chocolate-caramels and it was one of those life-changing “AH-HA!” moments. Also a fabulous match with cheese, which you can see for yourself tonight! With admirable structure, minimalist black fruit, and the zippiest, tiny bubbles, it’s like nothing we’ve had before! $19

Il Cancelliere Irpinia Aglianico 2008

This unfined, unfiltered, unsulfured, organic, vegan Aglianico hails from Campania in Southern Italy. It’s about as pure an expression of the grape as you can find in a bottle. Deep, smoky, and bold, with around 14% alcohol powering the concentrated fruit and structure. Spicy italian sausage, eggplant parm, and juicy steaks will all benefit from a hook-up! $25

Vigna Ciapin Barbera d’Asti 2009

The organically-grown grapes for this intense, uncommon Barbera are dried ripasso-style before vinification. The wine, once bottled, is incredibly bold and lush, with notes of punchy red berries and preserved black cherries with a lingering, leathery finish. It’s an unforgettable wine that craves food…a warm, spicy pizza from Paulie’s would be an awesome match. I personally say go for the Hellboy or the garlicky vegan Daniella Spinachi! $24