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July 25, 2013


Join us tonight, 6-9 pm, for an awesome line-up of summer wines from importer Savio Soares. Our friend Ariel is pouring and we’ll have bread from Marlow and cheese from Eastern District!

Casa de Mouraz Biotite Vinho Verde 2011

This organic Vinho Verde from Portugal’s Dao region has all the qualities of the ultimate summer libation: it’s crisp, bright, and fresh, with tiny bubbles and just 10.5% alcohol. With a healthy dose of minerality, thanks to the cuvees namesake, the biotite minerals predominant in the soil on the vineyards, and we have a clear winner. $16

Schloss Muhlenhoff Sauvignon Blanc 2012

We’ve looked far and wide for a lean, dry Sauvignon Blanc that showcases acidity and minerality rather than grass and bell pepper, and we found it in Germany’s Reinhessen! Schloss Muhlenhoff makes a wonderfully angular Sauv. Blanc that pairs beautifully with summer salads and stoop hang-outs. $14

Chateau Cambon Beaujolais 2012

I have found myself craving this wine regularly since we got it in a few months ago. It’s perfectly balanced: juicy fruit/ elegant minerals, ripe/light, character-rich/crowd-pleasing. And to sweeten the deal, it’s all-natural and super low-sulfite. You’ll be dinner party MVP if you come bearing this beauty. Trust us. $19

June 25, 2012

Everyone loves Famega Vinho Verde… we can hardly keep it stocked in the warmer months, and we drink it like water.  Here’s a couple ways to mix up the routine:

  •  On the rocks with a squeeze of lime- super refreshing and a bit zesty
  • "The Bike Messenger": just add juice!  We learned this one from our boys on two wheels a few summers ago.  I prefer the guava or mango juice from Goya or Looza.

June 20, 2012

Super refreshing and just 8 bucks a pop.


Super refreshing and just 8 bucks a pop.

June 7, 2012


Join us tonight, 6-9 pm, as we taste some awesome new white wines under $20! Our friend Ariel will be here from Savio Soares Selections, and we’ll have cheese from ED!

Biotite Vinho Verde Portugal 2011

Our favorite Vinho Verde ever came back in stock this week, JUST in time to taste on this beautiful day! Biotite is crisp and vibrant and a tiny bit bubbly. It’s all we want to drink in the summer time. We recommend it for beach days, trips to the new pool, and waiting outside Roseland for Beyonce concerts. $16

Thiery Weber Gruner Veltliner, Austria 2011

In the case of this Gruner, bigger really is better. Thiery Weber gives us a whole liter of Austrian deliciousness. This crowd-pleasing white is medium bodied, with just the right balance of fruit and citrus-y acidity. And we love Austria’s commitment to the screw-top closure because it makes it so easy to get to the wine! $11

Mosel St. Riesling Germany 2010 

The grapes for this sassy Riesling are painstakingly cared for… naturally cultivated, carefully pruned, and hand picked at the perfect point of ripeness. The result is a traditional German Riesling, with delicate fruit and white floral notes and a dry finish. $13

August 9, 2011

What does one do on a steamy Monday night at a wine shop? Drink and geek-out on Vinho Verde.

Lily and Claire are rhapsodic about an organic, slightly effervescent white wine from Portugal… BIOTITE 2010. We didn’t care for the name before we learned why it’s called that. Biotite is a mineral that is prevalent to the vineyard where this wine is produced.

We LOVE this wine! It has more complexity than any other Vinho Verde we’ve sipped on. Fresh fruit flavors of carambola (aka star fruit), bracing acidity, and of course the aforementioned minerality.

And like most wines from Portugal, this wine is an incredible value at $16!