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November 29, 2012

Join us tonight, 6-9 pm, for an exciting tasting of three totally unique wines from Austria and Croatia! Our friend Stetson from Blue Danube Wines is a fountain of knowledge regarding some of the lesser known wine regions of the world, and we’re excited to drink with him tonight over cheese from ED!

Piquentum Blanc, Croatia 2010 Hailing from beautiful Istria, the largest Peninsula in the Adriatic sea, this super rich white made from Istrian Malvasia grapes grown in iron-rich red soil. 2-3 days of skin contact lends the wine it’s beautiful golden hue, and an undeniable savory character. “Earthy enough to pair with hard cheeses, bright enough to highlight fresh green herbs, and a medium body that stands up to fish, it’s an ideal food wine for the nearby and perhaps more familiar Italian kitchen.” $22.50

Juris St. Laurent Austria 2009 This sustainable, 100% St. Laurent from Burgenland, Austria is a perfect red for the ever popular roast chicken we’re often asked to pair wine with on Sunday afternoons. An ancient clone of Pinot Noir, St. Laurent grapes generally make medium bodied wines characterised by bright, pretty cherry fruit. Juris is one of the most well-regarded producers in Burgenland, and their St. Laurent is bursting with character. $22

Terzolo Teran Croatia 2009 Also from the coastal Istrian region, this Teran is a dark, hearty, inky red, ideal for winter stews and cured meats. Terzolo is one of the most distinctive reds on our shelf- notes of pencil shavings, cranberries, and dried herbs are just a few of the things that come to mind! An awesome, warming wine for the winter months. $23